Retailer/Distributor Blacklist

After working in the Liquor Industry for over 20 years, Krunch Kretschmar has the inside knowledge to help you form relationships with the right distributor or the perfect retailer.

Nothing makes a Distributor job harder than trying to track down payments from a retailer. This list is strictly Krunch Kretschmar opinion which is a combination of personal experience and information provided by friends in the industry as well.

Click on the link to see who is on the Retailer Blacklist.

Winery’s  work on a small margin, Then they become hostage to the Distributor in the states with a 3 tier system. The frustration to get paid on an invoice from a distributor can make or break a winery. This list is designed to help winery’s avoid distributors who are known to be problematic in paying invoices.

Click on the link to see who is on the Distributor Blacklist.


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