Distributor Blacklist

The following list is a personal opinion of Krunch Kretschmar. After 20 years in the Chicago Market and with information from friends in the industry this list will help you avoid headache when it comes to getting paid. The rating are updated bi-weekly, so before you sign a deal with a distributor check the current rating.

If you do not see a Distributor listed, feel free to contact us and we will advise you of their standing in the Industry  773-609-2408.

1-star Simple Farmer Wines

4-star-rating Zymology


4-star-rating Taylored Wines

3 starSimioni Imports

3 starImports Inc.

3 starRaya Imports

4-star-ratingMaverick Wine Company

2-starCandid Wines

4-star-rating CarTurk LLC

3 star Vinejoy Chicago

2-starRootstock Wine Company

3 starRobert Houde

2-starDNS Wines


2-starBC Merchants

2-starLouis Glunz


3 star Vino Et Spiritus

4-star-rating Rose Importing

2-starVintage Wines.

3 star Felix Lady Imports

4-star-ratingFine Vine

2-starMartine’s Wine

4-star-ratingCompass Wine and Spirits

2-starGlobal Wine Illinois.

4-star-ratingCzech Wine Imports

3 star Original Wine Company

4-star-rating Terraneo Merchants

3 starSelection Massale

2-starBlue Crane Imports

4-star-rating Merritt Wines

3 starHaus Wine & Spirits

2-starWein-Bauer Inc.

4-star-ratingWirtz Beverage

1-starAbruzzi Distributor  (ADVOID)

4-star-ratingHub Wine 90+ Cellar

1-starOrange Import & Distributing Co (ADVOID)

3 starBurke Beverage


This List is for Illinois only, if you are a Winery and work with one of the Distributors on the list and feel the rating doesn’t reflex the company’s true score or if you think there should be another company added, Please send us an email and we’ll look into it and make any corrections that is needed.

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