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Christian Moerlein Wild Hunt

Wild Hunt from Christian Moerlein Brewing is a limited Black IPA that seems to have been released in limited availability and finding it proved to be a nice surprise. Although I had a couple of issues with the labeling of it, the beer itself was a pleasant surprise for sure. This 6% ABV Black IPA had a nice balance of the malts and the hops which pulled the beer together nicely. Check out my video here to see and hear my other thoughts on this Cascadian ale.


Hudson Valley Brewing Incandenza Sour IPA

Taking a stroll up the Hudson River to take two offerings for a whirl from a relative newcomer brewery wise, Hudson Valley Brewing!

First we’re diving into their Incandenza, a Sour IPA Brewed with two row barley and raw white wheat, hopped with citra and simcoe in the whirlpool, and fermented with mixed culture.