Green Teas

Green Tea

It seems as if every time we turn on the news, we hear more about green tea benefits for health and wellness. Today’s scientific research, we now know that each of the teas from the tea plant (Camellia sinensis) is good for us, and green tea, in particular, has caught our attention, due to its powerful antioxidants and disease-fighting capabilities, among many other benefits. Green tea helps Fight and protect against chronic inflammation and may provide protection against prostate cancer. The potent polyphenols (antioxidants) found in green tea can reduce the risk of lung cancer as well as protect you from age-related cognitive decline.

Regularly drinking green (or oolong) tea can considerably lower your risk of developing high blood pressure which can protect your heart health. Keep your bones strong and reduce post-workout muscle damage and oxidative stress with green tea.

Organic Green: Organically grown, Hand rolled, finest China gunpowder green tea. Order

Enchanted Green: Green tea, Green mate, Coconut shreds, Rose petals, Cornflower blossoms and Natural flavoring. Order

Ginger Peach: Green tea, Marigold blossoms, Roman Chamomile, Ginger shaving and Natural flavoring. Order

Moroccan Mint: Gunpowder green tea from China, Nana mint leaves from Morocco and Natural flavoring. Order

Fig Green: Green tea, Fig pieces, Freeze-dried whole blackberries and raspberries, Strawberry pieces and Natural flavoring. Order

Walnut Green: Green tea, Walnuts, Brittle pieces, Almond pieces and Flavoring. Order

China Jasmine: Green teas from China, Jasmine blossoms and oil. Order

Lemon Green: Green tea, Lemon peel, grass and flavoring. Order

Gojiberry Mix: Green tea, Gojiberries, Lemon grass, Pomegranate seeds, Cornflower blossoms and Natural flavoring. Order

Wow Mint: Gunpowder green tea from China soaked in natural peppermint oils. Order

Guava Green: China Sencha, Ceylon green tea, Lemon peels, Guava crunchy (Guava puree, concentrated apple puree) and Natural flavoring. Order

Limelight Green: Green tea, Lemon peel, grass and flavoring. Order


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