Herbal Teas

Herbal Tea

From relieving insomnia, to calming an upset stomach, to fighting viruses and infections, and more, herbal teas have so many powerful health benefits. drinking herbal tea, you’re also providing your body with some much-needed hydration!


Tuscany Lavender: Apple pieces, Silver linden tree blossoms, Melissa leaves, Lavender blossoms, Rose petals, Sweet blackberry leaves, Orange and Mallow blossoms. Order

Chamomile Blossoms: Naturally grown, hand picked, organic chamomile blossoms. Order

Temple of Heaven: Apple pieces, Rose hip peel, Hibiscus blossoms, Wild strawberry leaves, Lemon myrtle, Sweet blackberry leaves, Ginger pieces, Freeze-dried strawberries and Natural flavoring. Order

Weatherproof: Aniseed, Chamomile and Sage blossoms. Order

Herbal Fusion: Apple pieces, Carrot flakes, Blackberry and Eucalyptus leaves, Beetroot pieces, Grapefruit pieces, Hibiscus flowers, Lemon grass, Tangerine pieces, Orange slices and Natural flavoring. Order

Honeymilk Ginger: Ginger piece, Apple piece, Blackberry leaves, Sunflower blossoms, White cornflower and pollen blossoms, Natural flavoring. Order

Egyptian Peppermint: Naturally grown peppermint leaves from Egypt’s finest gardens. Order

Sweet Brazilian Mate: Green and Roasted Mate tea, Licorice roots, Orange peel and blossoms, Natural flavoring. Order

India Spice: Cocoa shaving, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Ginger, Chicory, Cloves and Black pepper. Order

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