Rooibos Teas

Rooibos Teas

Rooibos tea health benefits have been valued in South Africa for centuries, and the reputation of this vibrantly colored, sweet-tasting, healing tea, Rooibos tea is rich in powerful antioxidants, benefits also include a healthy liver and can calm you. Rooibos is also popular as a remedy for insomnia.


Rooibos Orange-Peppermint: Rooibos tea from South Africa, Peppermint leaves, Orange peel, Apple pieces, Hibiscus blossoms, Rose hips, Sunflower petals and Natural flavoring. Order

Love: Rooibos tea from South Africa, Pineapple cubes, Papaya cubes, Mango Cubes, Lemon granules, Black carrot pearls, Red rose petals, Pink rose buds and Natural flavoring. Order

Pure Red: Organically grown, pure Rooibos tea from South Africa. Order

Red Nectar: Finest Rooibos Tea, Orange peel, Almond pieces, Pink cornflower and Marigold blossoms, Flavoring. Order

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