White Teas

White Teas

With its appealing flavor, white tea is fast becoming a favorite with tea drinkers everywhere. Add the many white tea health benefits into the mix, and you’ll want to keep this delightful tea on hand in your tea cupboard!

White tea is an antioxidant powerhouse as well as impressive anti-bacterial and anti-viral qualities. Other benefits of white tea include weight management and fights the effects of aging, white tea extend to bone health, anti-inflammatory properties and supports heart health.


Strawberry White: White tea from India’s finest gardens, Strawberry pieces and Natural flavoring. Order

Pearilicious: China Sencha, Lung Ching, Green Yunnan, Pai Mu Tan, Pear pieces, Mango cubes, Pineapple flakes, Yellow rose buds from Japan and Natural flavoring. Order

Passion Fruit White: China Sencha, Lung Ching, Pai Mu Tan, Pineapple cubes, Papaya cubes, Rose petals, Freeze-dried Strawberries and Natural flavoring. Order

Sweet Island: White and Green tea, Whole freeze-dried cape Gooseberries, Pomegranate, Natural Strawberry and Grapefruit flavoring. Order

Organic White: China Pai Mu Tan, Apple pieces, freeze-dried mango cubes, Marigold blossoms and Natural flavoring. Order

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