Small Business

Krunch Branding specializes in social marketing for small business.  We know how busy you are just keeping your business going.  But without marketing, all that hard work could go unnoticed.

The focus of Krunch Branding is to market your business through social media to build your customer base at a very reasonable cost.    Let us take the pressure of marketing off your shoulders.  With your guidance, we will make sure your business is seen and heard across the internet.  We know that small businesses don’t have big box budgets.  We market for you on a small business budget.

Krunch Branding has a staff that understands how social marketing works.  We use Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Facebook and your website to build your brand.  Have a special event coming up, or a special sale?  We will make sure the internet savvy world knows about it.  Does your website need sprucing up or a complete overhaul?  You don’t have to do anything.  We do all the work.  Sit back, focus on your everyday business activities and know that Krunch Branding has your marketing needs covered.  Contact us today and let’s start building your customer base


Being a small business owner myself I understand that cost is very important. For this reason I developed a social media management service that is only $25 per week.

I understand that you have a business to run and a not a lot of time to sit in front of a computer putting out TWEETS and posting to Facebook. My employees have the time, plus they are already online anyway so why not make them useful.

For just $25 a week we build your Twitter page (if you don’t have one), we maintain your tweets and interact with re-tweets. We will build your Facebook “Business” page, not your personal page, there is a difference. We post for you on a regular basis and direct ALL social media to this page, this where your customers learn to love you.

We also create and maintain your Pinterest page. This page is like a “Family Album” on your coffee table. People checkout these pictures and when they like a pic, they click on it, which takes them to your “Call to Action Button” usually your FaceBook page or webpage where they can make a purchase or learn more about what you have to offer.

The important thing is that we maintain ALL your social media platforms for one fixed low cost without nickel and diming you. There is NO monthly contract, stop when you want. You have control of everything we just do all the work.

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