How Bottled Grapes Works

You want your product to be the toast of the town?

Sommelier, Wine Judge and Master Polymath,  Krunch Kretschmar has the marketing tools to make this happen. As a professional beverage consultant, Mr. Kretschmar has the contacts and the drive to help your liquor business grow.

Importers and Distributors are one thing, but once they have you, do they cultivate their relationship with you? Do they market your product, outside of the sampling at the local grocery store? Chances are, your products are swallowed up in a giant portfolio book and they spend their time on the bigger houses with unlimited marketing funds.

Krunch is your personal cheerleader and drill sergeant. He will make sure your product take center stage and gets the exposure it deserves. He will spotlight your beer or wine on his online video and customized dinner tasting. This is an opportunity to grow your customer base exceptionally and springboard your revenues to new heights. Krunch does all this for “FREE”, Yes, FREE!! So contact Krunch and see how he can help your product.

To uncork your potential, contact Krunch at or call



My company #1  Bottled Grapes is the Marketing part that has a video platform where we sample out your wine and give an honest opinion to our 4500 viewers a week. We also do wine and food pairing classes 3 days a week in local restaurants so that our viewers can then come out and taste the wines themselves. This puts your wine in the mouths of 60 – 120 people without any competition or over saturating their palette. This give us an opportunity to talk with each customer one-on-one. Plus the restaurant has the opportunity to add your wine to their list.


With our Partnership with which is an app. that allows our customers to down load on their mobile phone. They then “Favor” their local wine store. This app. then will send them a Text message alerting them when their favorite store is having a winetasting or running a deal on a wine. At this point in time I will have gotten your wine into various stores and send out an alert notifying our followers that your wine has arrived in their favorite wine store. (When we receive an “Itemize Depletion” report, we can then push a text to our customers as to which stores are carrying your wine.)


Company #3 is when the customer can’t find your wine at their favorite wine store they can order it directly through our website and get same day delivery.


Company #4 is the B2B portion in which we have over 300 Wine Buyers from Restaurants to Wine stores, they hear about a new wine that customers are asking about, they then go to our website and search for the wine, find it, click on it then submit an order all on one web page. they love the fact they don’t have to call the sales rep. only to get a voice mail or wait for a return call. We have submitted over 45,000 orders in the last 3 months.



I then will sample out your wine with Distributors/Importers who portfolio will be a good fit, so that you are NOT just another product in their book. I will hand select the BEST Disty. for you and make the introduction. You then will make the business deal and the $$ deal (I don’t get involved in this part).

So, with all these avenues to move your wine and with the relationships we have with Restaurants, Bars, Distributors and Wine Stores, we can get you the exposure your wine deserves. No more sitting on the bottom self or the back of the portfolio book.

Contact me and lets talk, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain

let me know if you are Interested in going forward.

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